9 Essential Nutrients in Chocolate Milk: All About Nutrients

9 Essential Nutrients in Chocolate Milk

9 Essential Nutrients in Chocolate Milk

Milk provides a combination of the following nine essential nutrients.

Organic Valley milk such as chocolate milk provides calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and protein. These nutrients play a vital role in maintaining our overall good health.


1. Calcium

Calcium is one of the best nutrients among the 9 essential nutrients in chocolate milk. It is easily obtained from dairy products and helps build, maintain bones and teeth. It is present in the bones and teeth around 99%. Calcium plays a vital role in lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, and blood clotting.


2. Vitamin D

The Vitamin D in milk helps your body absorb that calcium while benefiting heart health, immune function, and mental health. It is known as the sunshine vitamin. This is the most beneficial for the development and growth of bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps to reduce body weight and also lower anxiety & depression.


3. Phosphorous

Phosphorus plays a key role in building and maintaining bones and other tissues in the body. It is present in every cell of the human body. Same as above, phosphorous also use for the development of bones and teeth. Other benefits of phosphorous are: maintain the transmission of nerve signals, metabolism, formation of DNA, and muscle contraction.

4. Protein

Protein is another reason why many people choose milk. Almost every part of the body is made from protein. The basic building block of teeth, muscles, bones, skin, hair, and healthy weight is protein. Get enough of this nutrient for building, maintaining, and repairing almost every part of your body. It is recommended that you eat protein-rich foods after exercise and injury. This is the best nutrition among the 9 essential nutrients in chocolate milk.

Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, soya beans, and fish are healthy sources.

5. Vitamin B12

Vitamin b12 is essential for energy production and is only naturally found in animal-based foods. It is also known as cobalamin. B12 helps build red blood cells, absorb folic acid, control immune function, and maintains the central nervous system.


6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A with various functions is best and can be found in animal foods. It helps support healthy vision, healthy skin, treat acne, hormone balance, maintain (bones, teeth, white blood cells), healthy pregnancy, and a healthy immune system.

7. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is also called niacin. It helps to improve overall health, treat circulation problems, headaches, treat skin problems, break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy. 


8. Potassium

Potassium is number 8 among the 9 essential nutrients in milk. It is important for electrolyte balance in the human body so that it can function properly. It is essential to increase bone strength, lower blood pressure, maintain blood levels and fluid balance, proper muscle contraction, and nerve transmission.


9. Riboflavin

Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 helps maintain your good health, good vision, convert food to fuel, break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to produce energy.


Riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid all help your body convert food to fuel. From enzyme function to nutrient absorption to metabolic rate. These three lesser-known B vitamins all help your body make good use of the food that you eat. Whether you prefer Whole, 2%, lactose-free, and even chocolate milk, all these types of Organic Valley milk provide the same nine essential nutrients benefiting your body and tasting great. Make sure to drink milk or chocolate milk as it provides all the above 9 essential nutrients.

Why We Need Nutrients?

The human body comprises over 37 trillion cells, and each side of one of those cells is smaller cells known as mitochondria. There are around100 to 1000 of those per cell. And for everyday existence, all those cells require essential nutrients so that our body works well.

We can get these essential nutrients are through foods that are rich in nutrients. This is necessary that all these nutrients need to be supplied to the body at the same time.

How Does Our Body Work?

Seventy percent of the total amount of nutrients we eat goes to the body, and 30% goes to the brain. The human body distributes the nutrients throughout the cellular system. That’s why we're able to create energy, cellular regeneration, healing, living, growing, and feeling good.

If we actually give these cells non-nutritive foods bad things happen we actually enter into a state of chaos, our body remains hungry for more and more nutrients that we aren't getting from those low nutrient foods known as processed foods.

What do we want to experience?

We want to do only good things such as exercise and eat right, especially the essential nutrients for healthy cells, healthy body, healthy mind, equaling a good happy life. We can make our body healthy with the help of 9 essential nutrients in milk.

Non-Essential Nutrients

Eating non-essential nutrients (bad foods) result in the phase of nutrient deficiency called the satiety state. All sorts of negative things happen once we introduce chronic ageing chaos inflammation. After this, we get the body into a state of degeneration; healthy cells equal cellular regeneration, and mind cell damage is exposure to disease and early cellular death, also known as ageing rapidly.

Giving bad things to your body equal bad results. For example, if we feed our stomach cells unhealthy foods like soda, fast, high sugar foods. We introduce cellular degeneration to our gastrointestinal cells that can equal things such as a perforated gastrointestinal system allowing endotoxins to escape and enter the body. These have dramatic effects on our systems, including our digestive system's neurological, circulatory, pulmonary respiratory, and insulin systems. All of these harm our bodies.

The essential nutrients are the answer to these things far beyond regular food, and those are the answer to a healthy body, healthy cells, and happy life. You can also get these  9 essential nutrients in chocolate milk.




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